Our Story

MIRACO is a jewelry and lifestyle brand founded in 2023 by Samira Baraki. We create luxurious fine jewelry that's accessibly priced and always makes a statement.

Traveling in Istanbul in 2022, Samira purchased several jewelry pieces that she loved; she was taken with both the quality and the affordability of what she found. Samira realized she had an opportunity to bring exceptional value to the market, while reflecting her love of style and the melding of cultures.

From this idea and passion, MIRACO was born.

Our jewelry is designed and produced in Istanbul and Milan, which reflects our international approach and diverse sense of style. MIRACO creates eye-catching, luxury jewelry from the highest quality, ethically sourced materials.

We use innovative production processes to make ultralight, hollow gold pieces that are still incredibly strong. We call this the lightness of luxury.

We want to inspire people around the world to adorn themselves in the jewels that make them feel like the best possible versions of themselves. These are pieces you’ll wear for a lifetime, then pass on to the next generation.  Wearing MIRACO should make you feel powerful, joyful, and confident. 

When everyone asks what you’re wearing, tell them it’s MIRACO.

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Our Values

MIRACO’s values are at the core of everything we do.


We only work with premium materials, including precious metals, precious stones, and semi-precious stones. Each piece is handcrafted with skill and care, resulting in a luxury item you’ll love for years to come.


Thanks to close partnerships with our factories, we are able to pass on a fair price to our customers. It’s important to us that the value you get for your money is unmatched.


We work with talented designers to ensure that each MIRACO piece makes a statement.

Design & Craftsmanship

Every time you put on your MIRACO jewelry, we want you to delight in the quality. Intentional design married with craftsmanship is our statement of purpose. 

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Ethics & Standards

At MIRACO, we hold ourselves to the highest possible ethical standards throughout our supply chain. Creating fairly-priced, design-driven jewelry that is ethically made is a cornerstone of our brand.

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